Become a certified sex coach with the experience, credibility,

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Become a certified sex coach with the experience, credibility, and community support from Sex Coach University.

A Powerful & Empowering Partnership


What happens when you marry the wisdom and experience of The Founder of Sex Coaching, Dr. Patti Britton, with the research and media savvy of Certified Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Robert Dunlap? 

Well, you get the unparalleled knowledge, expertise, and credibility of Sex Coach University! 

With over 35 years of experience and pedigreed credentials as a Clinical Sexologist and Sexuality Educator, Dr. Patti Britton has built a reputation as the pioneer of sex coaching. Dr. Patti's methodologies for helping individuals and couples achieve their desired sexual potential are well known among professionals in her industry. Dr. Patti’s work has been featured on national TV programs, such as The Montel Show, Hard Copy, CNBC, NBC, and CBS News. She raised the bar in her field when she published the first book on Sex Coaching, entitled The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice. Then, in 2001 she met her partner, Dr. Robert Dunlap, with whom she co-founded Sex Coach University in 2010.

Dr. Robert is a graduate of The Institute for The Advanced Study of Human Sexuality where he did research and his doctoral dissertation on Aphrodisiacs: Herbals , Botanicals and Supplements. He is also a member of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, The American College of Sexologists and The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. With an acting career spanning over 400 appearances, Dr. Robert has also produced several documentary films, including Beyond Vanilla and Xaviera Hollander: The Happy Hooker, Portrait of a Sexual Revolutionary.

For both Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert, their true dedication lies in working with individuals and couples to achieve their sexual goals. Whether it’s a desire to heal sexual dysfunction, overcome shame, or deepen an intimate connection, they strive to connect at the heart level. Their holistic methods help each individual work through their fears and blocks to receive the kind of love and pleasure they are seeking to fulfill their sexual destiny. Together, Patti and Robert, in their own personal relationship, serve as a role model for sexual healing and passion for the work they bring to the world.

Dr. Patti Britton & Dr. Robert Dunlap


St. Petersburg, Russia

Onika Henry

I believe in the value of Sex Coach U, the work you do, the power of accurate information, permission, and compassion as healing forces in a sexually unhealthy culture. The work we do is sacred. The world cannot know peace and security until, and unless, the subtle energies and flow of love are released from the chains of ignorance and alienation. Sex Coach U is about saving the world, one person at a time.

Rick Lohmeyer

Trinidad & Tobago


Certified Sex Coach

Certified Professional Sex Coach

Maryland, USA

I have always been a bit skeptical about online trainings, but Dr Patti Britton was such a highly recommended and sought after sexologist, that I didn’t even think twice about applying to SCU. SCU was the perfect fit - rigorous enough to stretch and challenge my intellectual abilities, yet supportive and student-friendly in its approach. The combination of self-development, skills, and good business practices I gained from SCU is top notch!

Certified Sex Coach

I’m very proud to be the part of the SCU community and to develop sex positivity and healthy sexuality in my country and in the whole world. SCU gave me the gold standard knowledge of sex coaching, the possibility to learn all the features of the profession from the best of the best sex coaches in the world. 

Tatyana Kashina


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